If we don’t honor them, who will?

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September 20, 2019
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November 20, 2019

If we don’t honor them, who will?

American Wars are fought in faraway places under conditions most of us will thankfully never experience. The U.S. soldiers doing the fighting are mostly unknown to us. They do a job few of us want to do to keep America’s enemies at bay.

Even when there are no wars, men and women wearing the uniforms of the U.S. military stand vigilant guard in remote and dangerous outposts throughout the world – as a sign of America’s commitment to freedom. They are ready to die to protect the liberty our nation has earned the past 240 years. 

Today we honor those who have served in the U.S. military and those who continue to serve. We do so because without their bravery, we would be less of a nation; in fact, we may not be a nation at all.

As we go about our busy lives, we seldom have time to think about the dangers facing America or about those who are keeping those dangers away from us.  Yet, every day somewhere in the world a brave American soldiers are doing heroic things to protect our lives. We need to remember these men and women and tell the stories of their heroism. If we fail to tell their stories, who will? If we fail to honor them and their sacrifices, will our nation lose respect for the job our soldiers do?

Please take a couple of moments to review the attached video about the story of a pair of brothers in World War II. Their story is the definition of heroism – the kind of heroism that our soldiers are committed to every day. We need to hear their stories and be thankful for their service.

Thank all of you who have served and continue to serve our nation.

BettyLou DeCroce  

This is a powerful presentation by Sam Elliot. Buckle up…

Posted by Cliff Lyle on Friday, November 1, 2019