A Note from Asw DeCroce January 2020

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January 29, 2020
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January 29, 2020

A Note from Asw DeCroce January 2020

As we close the month of January 2020, we mark not only the beginning of a New Year, but also the close of a two-year Legislative session in New Jersey that presented many challenges to elected leaders, particularly those of us who are trying to protect taxpayers, employers, businesses, seniors and children from ever increasing pressures in this state. I am proud to say that we scored some victories on behalf of voters with several of my key legislative efforts being successfully signed into law, particularly a bill that enhanced benefits to victims of crime.

I’m also proud to note seven other pieces of legislation adopted and signed this past month that I sponsored or co-sponsored, including:

S-3126/A-4107 – Requires drivers to stop at railroad crossing when on-track equipment is approaching railroad crossing

SJR-80/AJR-121 – Urges federal government to adhere to commitment to improve Northeast Corridor rail infrastructure by providing funding to complete Gateway Program

A-1924/S-2930  – Exempts certain honorably discharged United States military veterans from initial insurance producer licensing fee

ACS for A-2431 wGR/SCS for S-1865 – Requires health insurers to provide plans that limit patient cost-sharing concerning certain prescription drug coverage

A-4377/S-2934 – Requires DOT and OIT to develop materials concerning capabilities of airports in NJ and establishes “Public Use Airports Task Force”

A-5667/S-3933  – “Charlie’s Law”; requires pharmacy practice sites and hospice programs to furnish patients with information and means to safely dispose of unused prescription drugs and medications

AJR-35/SJR-159 – Designates third full week in March as “Domestic Violence Services Awareness Week” to bring awareness of services available to domestic violence victims

Of course, the challenges to New Jersey taxpayers are growing as we enter a new legislative session under the administration of Governor Phil Murphy. Despite my opposition and that of some fellow legislators to the 2020 New Jersey State Budget last June, spending was increased by $4 Billion over the 2018 budget and the effort in Trenton to increase taxes continues. I anticipate yet another cantankerous budget process this summer, and I will do my best to control state spending, lower taxes and keep the process transparent.

I remain optimistic that we can reverse this destructive course of increased taxing and spending in New Jersey, especially as residents in the 26th District become more engaged and let their opinions be known. I will continue to be an advocate for resolving the affordability issues in this state that are burdening our families and seniors, and causing our young people to leave New Jersey.

I want to hear from you. As always, please feel free to reach out to me and my team let us know how we may help.

Best Regards,
Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce

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