Vote NO on Ballot Question #3

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October 15, 2020
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Vote NO on Ballot Question #3

If you are planning to cast your mail-in ballot this week, I urge to VOTE NO on New Jersey Ballot Question #3.

The question asks voters to support a state constitutional amendment to change the legislative redistricting schedule if national census data is delayed. But Census experts point out that: “Every ten years since 1790, America has successfully conducted a census, despite depressions, world wars, domestic unrest and even a civil war.” (From the Census Project). There is no good reason to delay the census – only political ones.

The current legislative map gives a huge advantage to the Democratic Party, which wants to extend its dominance in Trenton until 2023 by giving every legislator an extra two years in office without having to stand before the voters next year.  As an incumbent legislator I would benefit from the postponement of redistricting – but I oppose the ballot question because it sets a bad precedent and it denies voters their democratic right to be heard at the ballot box.

Many people ask me why it’s so hard to change things in New Jersey and make them fairer for taxpayers and business owners. The main reason is that the state lives under the oppression of decidedly lopsided legislative districting that gives one party – the Democrats – an unshakeable majority in the legislature.  Consequently, they never have to compromise with their opposition on anything and rarely, if ever, feel the sting of voter reprisals against unpopular laws and taxes.

Postponing redistricting for two years will not serve New Jersey well; it will maintain a status quo that works against most taxpayers and business owners.  

Vote NO on Ballot Question #3 

Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce
Legislator, NJ 26th District

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