Honoring the memory of Pearl Harbor

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November 26, 2020
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December 31, 2020

Honoring the memory of Pearl Harbor

Seventy-nine years ago, today on, a quiet and picturesque Sunday morning in early December, America was viciously attacked by an aggressive enemy.

More than 2,300 American servicemen and 54 civilians died. Another 1,178   were wounded and millions of dollars of military equipment was destroyed, including two U.S. Navy battleships (the USS Arizona and the USS Utah) and 188 aircraft.

That carefully calculated sneak attack on December, 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was designed to cripple America’s ability to wage war in the pacific. It did not.

The Japanese Imperialists thought Americans would shirk from battle if attacked – but we did not.

The tyrants and opponents of freedom awoke a sleeping giant and helped propel America to become a world military and economic power.

Americans of all colors and origins – those in uniform and those wearing the uniform of civilians, rallied to our nation’s defense to fight against world domination by oppressors – in the Pacific and in Europe. 

They rebuilt ships and planes and faced down the enemies of liberty in battle after battle.

Some of those brave and valiant people who fought at Pearl Harbor went on to fight in places like Midway and Okinawa. A precious few are still with us. They represent living reminders of our nation’s history of dedication to the ideals America was founded on.

Today we face different enemies and threats – such as the Coronavirus. We can take a lesson from our own history on how to face these threats by looking back on how Americans responded gallantly in the face of adversity; without finger pointing, or divisiveness. We responded courageously and constructively.

In the memory of those who sacrificed so much at Pearl Harbor – we should do no less today.

Assemblywoman BettyLou   DeCroce

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