Asw BettyLou DeCroce Statement on Marijuana Bill

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Asw BettyLou DeCroce Statement on Marijuana Bill

Asw BettyLou DeCroce MarijuanaBill No Vote Feb 2021

“We are meeting today to finalize the implementation of the constitutional amendment legalizing recreational marijuana for adults, passed by New Jersey voters last November. The bill before us today goes far beyond what the public ever imagined. I cannot believe that New Jersey parents would have supported legalization if they knew that the Legislature would be taking away the right to be notified, the first time their underage child was caught with marijuana or alcohol. The constitutional amendment never mentioned alcohol, and the amendment never mentioned the removal of parental rights.

I was going to support this bill today because I understand that kids make mistakes which should not always lead to life-long consequences. But this bill goes too far. Parents have a role in correcting their child’s behavior. It should not be up to the Legislature to decide how parents ensure the safety and well-being of their underage child pertaining to these issues. For those reasons, I will be voting no today.”

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